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the earth issue - 24 may 2018

artist highlight

THE EARTH ISSUE is a collective of artists and creative professionals working at the intersection of fine art and environmentalism. Through publications, exhibitions, educational talks and other collaborative projects, THE EARTH ISSUE provides a platform for creative thinkers, and visual artists who seek to raise awareness about our environment.


thalia magazine - september / October 2018

the SPACE issue (inaugural issue)

THALIA MAGAZINE is a an arts and literature magazine for all creatives who identify with womanhood. The SPACE issue is the inaugural issue for this magazine.


voyage houston - 4 January 2019

the thought-provokers: celebrating artists & creatives


cool girls collective - 12 February 2019

artist profile

COOL GIRLS COLLECTIVE is an online & IRL community of women-identifying artists who are redefining the creative space of the 21st century. Built under the principle of  "if doors won't open, bust through a window,"  we create cutting-edge original content, foster meaningful live experiences, and provide ongoing support and resources for an inclusive network of women visionaries and creators.