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Through a personally-developed abstract language, Kit Porter explores the beauty and concurrent destruction of the coastal environment. Examining the environmental issue of marine debris, the serene feeling of the shoreline is juxtaposed with a discomfort in the way it is treated.

Each shape is a rendering of a fragment of marine debris the artist has personally removed from the coastal environment. The bold, seemingly abstract shapes in her work are striking from a distance, yet infused with a raw, textural quality upon closer observation. The process of removing and reimagining these fragments is replicated in the painting process, creating images which walk a fine line between destruction and beauty. The white background represents this process of removal, leaving simply the colors and shapes alone for the viewer to experience. By shifting the focus from the materials to the simplified shapes, colors, and arrangements, each painting becomes further removed from its origin.

The artist successfully creates complex pieces that both highlight the allure of our natural coastlines without palliating the environmental danger plaguing them.



Kit Porter received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting from the University of the South in 2005. Through a personally-developed abstract language, her work explores the beauty and concurrent destruction of the coastal environment.

In addition to her own art practice, she has held positions in various sectors of the fine art world, both locally and internationally. Kit currently lives and works in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA and is represented by Anne Irwin Fine Art in Atlanta, Georgia, Bee Street Gallery in Dallas + Fort Worth, Texas, Well + Wonder Artist Collective and Serena + Lily.